The lone tree…

As I sat beneath the lonely tree
The only tree in that grassy field

I found myself thinking so hard
And at times dreaming of a place afar

I found the company of that tree
Enchanting, nothing more I need

For the tree shared my feelings, my thoughts
And told me of the battles it had fought

The tree with me, resonated so much
It’s words felt like great big hugs

The time flew by faster than ever
But the day felt longer than any other

As I sat under that cool shade
Never noticed the night had replaced the day

Still under the shade of the tree
Made me wonder how it could be

The moon now shone with all its glory
It’s only midnight, the lone tree whispered slowly


( I wrote this poem while looking at this picture.. the poem is about this picture)

‘The’ Place to be…

A sweet chestnut forest in the swiss alps(Ticino)
A sweet chestnut forest in the swiss alps(Ticino) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometime in the afternoon, I found myself sitting under the shade of a tree.

Sounds of the birds singing, the wind blowing and the rustling of the leaves could be heard clearly.

I looked up above my head and witnessed a view so glorious, a view I did not expect to see.

The sun was high up, its rays peeking through the leaves of the tree as the leaves danced in the wind.

The fluffy white clouds that emerged from behind the tree looked as if peacefully floating in the sky.

Looking at this magnificent view, I felt as if I was down at the bottom of a cool ocean.

The leaves did seem to look like waves and the depths of the ocean where I lay felt much calmer.

The thought of lying on the ocean bed was so exhilarating that it made me forget all my worries.

After having spent some time in that state of trance, I picked myself up feeling revitalised and feeling the need to share such an extraordinary experience with the world.