Waiting for that time…

Everyday I wake up with the same thought on my mind
When will that day come when you will finally be mine

How hard these days are as I wait for you to come by
The day just doesn’t seem to pass when I don’t see your smile

All day long I look forward to hearing your voice
Like a beautiful song , it’s  my all time favourite choice

I can write pages until they form a book with a thick spine
Still I could never describe how beautiful you are or tell you how much I wish you were mine

Good time…

Today I felt something that I had seldom felt before

Feelings of loneliness, as if left stranded on the sea-shore


I realized how hard it is to be left all alone

As if something has been taken and far away thrown


I hardly felt like breathing, like it didn’t matter anymore

I very much felt like screaming, until my lungs could give no more


This feeling of solitude often comes and goes

But this time it came like a gust of wind that quite fiercely blows


To know that I am here sitting all alone

Wishing it was your hand that I could now hold


But knowing that you’re out there with others

It hurts so much that in words it can’t be told


I wonder if you think of me when you’re having a good time

I only wish I could be the reason for each of your smiles


But here I am dreaming about the time when you will be mine

And you are so very far away, with others having a good time.


You took the blade and placed it pointing down on my chest, slowly you began to thrust it in stopping every now and then to smile at me; then you began to twist the blade in a reckless manner all the time still smiling, as if that wasn’t enough, you asked me how I felt…