Recipe for writing…


– A secluded area which will serve as your kitchen. It could be a private study or the actual place about which you wish to write.
– A pen/pencil or any other instrument you wish to use.
– A piece of paper or any other material on which to write on i.e.smartphone, laptop, tablet etc
– The will to write
– A clear mind
– A topic to write on. You may have decided on a topic beforehand, if not, just let the art of spontaneous thought work its wonders.


Well, I wonder if there is a predefined method for writing. Also, every writer’s mind works in its unique way and it would be hard to specify one method. Just need to gather up the right ingredients, hoist up the sails and embark on a journey of a lifetime.

Happy writing everyone…

To write or not to write…

The Writer's Page

Sometimes I find
it hard to deny
the thoughts that spontaneously
crop up in my mind

I look around me
hoping to find
somewhere to pen the thoughts
at that moment in time

When they ask me
how do you write so
after a pause, I smile
I have yet to know

When I am asked
what motivates you so
after a moment’s thought
the world itself, behold

To write or not to write
that is the question
to express myself and my thoughts
that indeed is my passion


Pie…à la mode

It was in the month of october
that I visited it the first time,
I don’t recall seeing you there
as I clearly remember in my mind

It was the first day of february
when my work brought me back,
I wonder if I recall correctly
you were then clad in black

Within a short time
we became good friends,
Just want to say thanks
for all the time spent

I had a lot of fun
just want you to know,
I already had the pie
but you made it à la mode


( This poem was written in memory of a friend presenting the actual events that brought us together )

The Great Decision…

Kennedy Lake along Highway 4 that leads into t...

I stand at a crossroad
A decision to be made
Visions of my past
Obscuring, before me what lay

Remove all doubts
Let go of all fears
Take the first step
with my mind austere

I must close my eyes
and my heart must be resolute
the time has come
for me to make my move

It has been decided
and I walk my chosen path
I shall face all hardships
with no fear in my heart


This feeling… it’s simply Awesome !!!

I have been writing on my blog for quite some time now and like most bloggers, I tend to write about what inspires me from the inside.

The idea of writing on your blog about something for which you would have to research about doesn’t fascinate me to much extent. I tend to consider my blog as a place where I can share my thoughts without having any restrictions.

So this feeling I mentioned earlier, im not talking about the feeling that I get when I write on my blog. It was different yet so similar to it.

A few days back I got a call from a marketing company where I had dropped my C.V saying they wanted to meet me. Of course that was the idea so I happily obliged. After a little discussion they told me that they were looking for writers pertaining to the marketing field and since I have had no previous experience regarding the same, they were unsure of whether I was up for the job. They gave me a topic to write an article on, which I was supposed to mail them by the end of the next day.

So I went back home, settled down to work, did some research on the topic and by the end of the night, I had completed the article.

As I was writing the article, the feeling i got was so exhilarating that I at once knew that this was the kind of work that I actually enjoyed doing. To be very honest, it didn’t even feel like I was doing work.

So, simply put, the feeling was just Awesome. 🙂