To forget or not to forget…

There comes a time when all of us at some point in our lives wish to forget someone or something. I believe if i think long enough I will be able to recall some instances where I may have felt the same way.

The thing I noticed about this is a rather common yet unintentional mistake that we make. We focus on the thing that we are trying to forget so much that we end up making it next to impossible to forget it.

We think about the person or thing we wish to forget not knowing that thinking about it just makes it more prominent in our minds. Imagine a picture of a beach with the silhouette of a person walking on the beach in the center of the picture. Now if one is asked to cut out the person from the picture and imagine the picture without the person, he would still have the person in the same position in the picture in his mind. That is because we concentrate on the person to cut him out off the picture, sometimes to the extent that the person becomes the only thing of interest in the picture to us and we end up ignoring the setting altogether. One may even say that although we cut the body of the person from the picture, his soul still lingers there.

To sum up, all I can say is,

“Thinking about something or someone is not the most appropriate of ways to forget about that something or someone.”

                                             – Ak the Wordsmith

and they both lived happily ever after… or did they?

They are in Grade 2,

Best friends.

The first and final dance on Titanic’s song.

Its compulsory. Partners to be chosen by the instructor.

Alas! This dance was not meant to be his.

How he felt, hard to remember but rather easy to imagine.

‘The day’ arrives

He decides to play pirates with a friend instead.

She, you ask? Maybe she danced with someone or maybe not. he will probably never know.

End of Grade 3, he transfers to a different school.

12 years later, he is informed from reliable sources that she is now married.

How he feels today… well, that is for him to know and for you to imagine and then feel with him.

As for the question in the subject of the post, not so sure about the ‘both’ part.



Silent Killer…

Why are you looking at me like that? What do you want?

I want you to either say something or stop it

Stop it? I’m not doing anything

I only wish that was true. So you’re not going to say anything?

I have nothing to say…

Then please stop it, you’re killing me

But I’m not doing anything

Oh no! you’re not the one who is killing me… It’s your eyes