Good time…

Today I felt something that I had seldom felt before

Feelings of loneliness, as if left stranded on the sea-shore


I realized how hard it is to be left all alone

As if something has been taken and far away thrown


I hardly felt like breathing, like it didn’t matter anymore

I very much felt like screaming, until my lungs could give no more


This feeling of solitude often comes and goes

But this time it came like a gust of wind that quite fiercely blows


To know that I am here sitting all alone

Wishing it was your hand that I could now hold


But knowing that you’re out there with others

It hurts so much that in words it can’t be told


I wonder if you think of me when you’re having a good time

I only wish I could be the reason for each of your smiles


But here I am dreaming about the time when you will be mine

And you are so very far away, with others having a good time.


How easily we go on committing sins throughout our lives,
As though we have prepared ourselves for the darkest flames of hell,
When the inevitable and undeniable truth is that,
Our skin can’t even resist the tender warmth from a pot on the stove.

You… my destiny

You’re everything I’ve ever dreamed of
You’re the one I’ve been searching for
For so long I had waited for you
Hoping that to me, you would come soon
That moment when you came in my life
Everything around me said that you had arrived
With you the time flies, yet so slow Within moments, you alone touched my soul
You came and filled my life with bliss
Now that you’re here, it feels my destiny is finally fulfilled.