What do you say when sorry isn’t enough
When all you can think about is what you’ve done

How can you tell them the state of your heart
How to convince that it was a mistake on your part

What can you say to make it all go away
Tell them how bad you feel for what you did

You want to tell them how sorry you are
Unable to do so, the distance keeping you apart

I am truly sorry, you’ve no idea what you mean to me
I only hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

You and me…

You say you want to stay away from me
You don’t want to talk to me
Don’t want to look at me
You don’t want to hear a word from me
You say you don’t even want to think about me
Well that’s all fine with me
There’s just one thing I want to say to thee
If this is another one of your ways to test me
Well then, know this that you have failed miserably
If you thought all this could make you matter less to me
Well then, you were wrong quite simply
And now I shall return to me being busy
Busy waiting for you to finally return to me.