Sitting at home in the comfort of my bed
A storm of thoughts roaring inside my head

Of the many thoughts I have, most of them are known to me
There are things that now, have become second nature to me

You, on one hand, never leave the space you have occupied
Your presence is comforting, to your thoughts I am convincingly tied

Trapped as I am, in the web of my own thoughts
Your voice guides me and keeps me from getting lost

Will you be surprised when I share this with you
Believe it or not, my thoughts have always been about you

I want…

I want to do what I’ve never done before
To go to a place where I haven’t been before
I want to take off and fly up high
Spread my wings and soar through the sky
I want to watch the rising sun
To hear the birds’ song as it is sung
I want to live in a beach house
Wake and sleep to the waves’ sound
I want to be at the bottom of an ocean
To be alone and witness the great illusions
I want to live in a forest with tall trees
Lay on branches and witness the sun’s beams through the leaves
I want to live in a peaceful valley
To feel her warmth all the time all around me
I want to live in a secluded cove
Where the sea comes up when it gets dark and cold
I want to stand on top of a hill
And feel the breeze as if it would blow me away
I want to do so many things
That I can’t even think of, let alone pen down
But what I do know is this
In this life or the next, I will get my desire and my wish.