The Great Decision…

Kennedy Lake along Highway 4 that leads into t...

I stand at a crossroad
A decision to be made
Visions of my past
Obscuring, before me what lay

Remove all doubts
Let go of all fears
Take the first step
with my mind austere

I must close my eyes
and my heart must be resolute
the time has come
for me to make my move

It has been decided
and I walk my chosen path
I shall face all hardships
with no fear in my heart


‘The’ Place to be…

A sweet chestnut forest in the swiss alps(Ticino)
A sweet chestnut forest in the swiss alps(Ticino) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometime in the afternoon, I found myself sitting under the shade of a tree.

Sounds of the birds singing, the wind blowing and the rustling of the leaves could be heard clearly.

I looked up above my head and witnessed a view so glorious, a view I did not expect to see.

The sun was high up, its rays peeking through the leaves of the tree as the leaves danced in the wind.

The fluffy white clouds that emerged from behind the tree looked as if peacefully floating in the sky.

Looking at this magnificent view, I felt as if I was down at the bottom of a cool ocean.

The leaves did seem to look like waves and the depths of the ocean where I lay felt much calmer.

The thought of lying on the ocean bed was so exhilarating that it made me forget all my worries.

After having spent some time in that state of trance, I picked myself up feeling revitalised and feeling the need to share such an extraordinary experience with the world.

Untitled- ( Art of Spontaneous Thought)

He had been tracking her footprints, which could be seen clearly in the mud, for the past two hours. Hoping that he would find the person to whom the footprints belonged at the end of the trail.

The day was dying away and the sun could be seen sinking above the horizon, the first stars of the night had started to reveal themselves and the wind had started to shift.

He had begun to wonder how he will track the footprints in the dark when, to his surprise, the footprints came to halt at the point where he was standing. He looked all around hoping that he would find her somewhere closeby.

He heard a familiar voice behind him and as he turned around he saw her standing awed at his sight. “What are you doing here? Have you been following me?” she said. “You know you are not supposed to come out on the moor all by yourself, why do you have to be so stubborn.” he said.

“I dont need anyone telling me what I can and cannot do. Why do you always act like you care so much, I know you dont.” she said. ” I have lived under your shadow long enough and I wont take it anymore. You say that the moor is a dangerous place at night, well what is the worst thing that can happen to me.”

“There will be a night when I will go out on the moor and I wont return only for you to find me dead somewhere on the moor, I want you to know this that I would have died a good death.” , and with that she turned around leaving him standing on the moonlit moor.