This is ‘Us’

“You know the one thing I love about us?” he said.
“I don’t know which one you’re talking about,” she smiled.
He looked deep in her eyes and whispered slowly.
“That no matter how big a fight we have, only we can cheer each other up and that every time we fight, we grow a little more closer.”

Waiting for that time…

Everyday I wake up with the same thought on my mind
When will that day come when you will finally be mine

How hard these days are as I wait for you to come by
The day just doesn’t seem to pass when I don’t see your smile

All day long I look forward to hearing your voice
Like a beautiful song , it’s  my all time favourite choice

I can write pages until they form a book with a thick spine
Still I could never describe how beautiful you are or tell you how much I wish you were mine

I am also missed

How long has it been since we met I can’t seem to remember at all
When was the last time you came
I simply cannot seem to recall

Seeing you after such a long time
I used to wonder if it was only me
But seeing your smile and the look in your eyes
I’m certain you also missed me.