Dedicated to my best friend…

There will come a time when we will grow apart
If only I could, I wish I could skip that part.

You changed my life in so many ways
Even if I tried, I could not explain
I always wanted a friend who would take me for who I am,
You gave me that without asking, for that I’m ever so glad

How close we are even I don’t have a clue
If there was a way to measure, or some kind of tool.

Many a times I’ve hurt you in so many ways
Later on realizing, how big a mistake I’ve made

Calling you names, making fun and teasing you
That’s just my way of showing my gratitude

I fear the time when you will finally leave me
At the same time I wish you all the happiness and prosperity

To have a friend like you, it has been an honor
So many times if not for you, I certainly would have been a goner

I don’t think I need to tell you what you really mean to me,
Even if i did try, I would probably be writing a story

You have been a loyal, trustworthy and a great friend,
Believe me when I say this, I do not wish for this to end.

And when all of this comes to an end and you will say goodbye,
Still you will remain in my heart, your name engraved, your memories forever in my mind.