She said so much when she said nothing at all…

As I closed the door and turned around, there she was standing in all her beauty, holding a book against herself as the street lamp shone on her as if she was on centre stage.
I looked into her deep, enchanting eyes, and for a moment there, we stood looking at each other with neither of us uttering a word.
“If only this wasn’t so hard,” she spoke, “I wish all these obstacles weren’t between us.”
“My dear, I only wish I could make them go away,” I replied.
I could hear her voice clearly in my head as she said those words, for it was not with her lips that she uttered them, but it was through those most beautiful eyes that they were said and engraved in my heart.

Silent Killer…

Why are you looking at me like that? What do you want?

I want you to either say something or stop it

Stop it? I’m not doing anything

I only wish that was true. So you’re not going to say anything?

I have nothing to say…

Then please stop it, you’re killing me

But I’m not doing anything

Oh no! you’re not the one who is killing me… It’s your eyes