This is a collection of my own quotes.

“Just because someone doesn’t say something or doesn’t do something, doesn’t mean he can’t say or do it.
It may simply mean that he just doesn’t give a damn.”

“One of the most painful moments are those when you realize that your closest friends have finally moved on in their lives and you’re not entitled to the share you had before.”

“It’s amazing how people use a mask to the point when their real faces actually become the mask.”

“Everyone has some stories to tell, it’s just whether they are ready and they have someone to tell them to.”

“Change doesn’t seem so bad when you know that there are people who will always recognize you no matter how many years later they lay their eyes on you.”

“It’s amazing how the people who you know so little and who have been in your life for a very little time can have such a big and everlasting effect on you…”

“Sometimes you just have to stop trying so hard and quit worrying. Know that it’ll all eventually workout somehow.”

“Be careful of roses my friends, they always have thorns.”

“People often neglect their family and friends to acquire things they would sacrifice for them. What they fail to realize is, you can’t sacrifice anything for your family or friends if you don’t have any.”

“The pot that makes the most noise is the one that is empty from the inside.”

“Everyone has a reason for everything they do. No matter how absurd, preposterous or stupid it may seem. They have a reason even when they don’t know what it is themselves.”

“If it is meant to be, then you probably don’t have anything to worry about. But if it’s not meant to be, well I think that is something for you to decide.”

“Avoid going to places where you are not wanted , and avoid being with people who do not want to be with you.”

“Sometimes conversations are made not because they are a necessity, but as just a formality. “

“Your silence is a far more deadlier weapon than your words. It literally burns your enemies inside out. Use it wisely and carefully.”

“Believe in yourself enough to know that you can do it, but not so much that you start to think that you’re the only one who can. A mistake that could be one’s undoing.”

“In order to accomplish even the smallest of things, you have to face your fears and take the first step. One cannot learn to swim unless he first gets in the water.”

” When your feeling down and wish to have someone to talk to, go for one of your quiet friends. He might have been saving something special to say to someone in need, and you could turn out to be the lucky one. “

” If you can’t learn to trust yourself, then you’ll never be able to trust me. “

“Everything is a lot less painful when your in a deep slumber, well, almost everything.”

” Writing is a voyage for which you don’t need a big ship. Your paper is your boat, your pen is  your oar, and your mind is your sail. You are prepared to embark on a grand voyage. Set sail and go where your journey may lead you. “

“I prefer to keep a low profile, keeping my immediate social circle to a limited number and trying as much as possible not to engage in unnecessary conversations. I do this not because I am shy or self-centered, but because I fear if we get to know each other too well, there is a chance that I might end up hurting you in some way.”

 “I have come to understand that relationships are a lot like electrical circuits. Until and unless the circuit is complete, there will be no flow of electricity.”

“We make every effort to cheer up our loved ones when they are feeling down, but how many times have we actually tried to understand what their silence really means.”

“Sometimes there are things that can not be seen through our eyes, to be able to see them, we must close our eyes and look through our hearts instead.”

“Having accomplished something does not mean you have reached your climax, there are always new things to discover and new accomplishments to be made, you just need to set the bar up higher this time.”

” They say a writer’s best friend is the instrument he uses for writing, I consider that the mind and heart also play a vital role, thus making the inner person of a writer another close friend.”

” We need to understand and be able to read signs. Everything around us such as the trees, flowers, clouds are all giving out signs to us, they are guiding us and advising us, we need to make ourselves understand what they are saying and we need to listen. “

“I wonder if a writer’s main purpose for writing is acquiring audience and fame, I believe the pleasure he feels after writing something is more than enough reward.”

“The beauty of a piece of writing starts from the point where the writer listens to the voice of the object he is writing about, to the point where the reader listens to the voice of the reader, but surely it does not end there.”

“No one can tell nature what to do, but with a little effort, determination, bravery and a bit of luck, you might be able to have a friendly conversation.”

The most reliable of all people a man can connect to is his inner self. Once you have found a way to connect, the possibilities are endless.”

“A man cannot break the connection he has with his inner self, it speaks to him at every point in life, now it is his choice whether or not to listen.”

“One of the finest art is the art of expressing oneself.”

” I write to express myself, my views, my opinions, my thoughts and my feelings. I write because it is a sign of freedom, just like flight is to a bird.”

“You must learn to free yourself, free yourself from whatever it is that you are thinking and feeeling at any given moment, by doing so you will find a way to connect to the person that is you.”

“A writer should keep his work in tangible form, it is of no use to anyone if he keeps his work in his mind as most of the readers are unable to read minds.”


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