She who could not be mine…

She’s a story I have yet not told
She’s like a paper with a hundred folds

She’s like the moon that you cannot reach,
She’s like the sun on a sandy beach

She’s like the mountain that you cannot climb
She’s the sunken treasure you cannot find

She’s like the stars that cannot be seen
She’s like the princess who visits you in a dream

She’s the pearl in an oyster’s shell
She’s like a flower that you can only smell

She’s like the diamonds hidden inside the mines
She’s there in every chamber of the mind

She will always be what could not be acheived
Moments and memories alone will remain concealed


The bitter truth…

As I went to a place where I used to go
The last I was here was a long time ago

My friends all greeted me with a big smile
The oak, the flowers and stars in the sky

They asked me what was wrong in their usual way
I thought I could hide but it was obvious from my face

My eyes were finally opened and it was made clear to me
The one person I thought who could never hurt me

I was assured that I am everything they said and more
Im a person who is not worth doing anything for

The things they said about me were true
I was told that my actions are nothing but rude

I have lived in an illusion which I thought was clear
What I thought was mine was never for real

I am nothing but an embarassment to the people around me
Never thought I would hear those words from the one beside me

So now Im here back where I belong
Where I can hurt no one and no one will know that Im gone



Sitting at home in the comfort of my bed
A storm of thoughts roaring inside my head

Of the many thoughts I have, most of them are known to me
There are things that now, have become second nature to me

You, on one hand, never leave the space you have occupied
Your presence is comforting, to your thoughts I am convincingly tied

Trapped as I am, in the web of my own thoughts
Your voice guides me and keeps me from getting lost

Will you be surprised when I share this with you
Believe it or not, my thoughts have always been about you


Waiting for that time…

Everyday I wake up with the same thought on my mind
When will that day come when you will finally be mine

How hard these days are as I wait for you to come by
The day just doesn’t seem to pass when I don’t see your smile

All day long I look forward to hearing your voice
Like a beautiful song , it’s  my all time favourite choice

I can write pages until they form a book with a thick spine
Still I could never describe how beautiful you are or tell you how much I wish you were mine


Good Time…

Today I felt something that I had seldom felt before

Feelings of loneliness, as if left stranded on the sea-shore


I realized how hard it is to be left all alone

As if something has been taken and far away thrown


I hardly felt like breathing, like it didn’t matter anymore

I very much felt like screaming, until my lungs could give no more


This feeling of solitude often comes and goes

But this time it came like a gust of wind that quite fiercely blows


To know that I am here sitting all alone

Wishing it was your hand that I could now hold


But knowing that you’re out there with others

It hurts so much that in words it can’t be told


I wonder if you think of me when you’re having a good time

I only wish I could be the reason for each of your smiles


But here I am dreaming about the time when you will be mine

And you are so very far away, with others having a good time.



What do you say when sorry isn’t enough
When all you can think about is what you’ve done

How can you tell them the state of your heart
How to convince that it was a mistake on your part

What can you say to make it all go away
Tell them how bad you feel for what you did

You want to tell them how sorry you are
Unable to do so, the distance keeping you apart

I am truly sorry, you’ve no idea what you mean to me
I only hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.


Dedicated to my best friend…

There will come a time when we will grow apart
If only I could, I wish I could skip that part.

You changed my life in so many ways
Even if I tried, I could not explain
I always wanted a friend who would take me for who I am,
You gave me that without asking, for that I’m ever so glad

How close we are even I don’t have a clue
If there was a way to measure, or some kind of tool.

Many a times I’ve hurt you in so many ways
Later on realizing, how big a mistake I’ve made

Calling you names, making fun and teasing you
That’s just my way of showing my gratitude

I fear the time when you will finally leave me
At the same time I wish you all the happiness and prosperity

To have a friend like you, it has been an honor
So many times if not for you, I certainly would have been a goner

I don’t think I need to tell you what you really mean to me,
Even if i did try, I would probably be writing a story

You have been a loyal, trustworthy and a great friend,
Believe me when I say this, I do not wish for this to end.

And when all of this comes to an end and you will say goodbye,
Still you will remain in my heart, your name engraved, your memories forever in my mind.


I want…

I want to do what I’ve never done before
To go to a place where I haven’t been before
I want to take off and fly up high
Spread my wings and soar through the sky
I want to watch the rising sun
To hear the birds’ song as it is sung
I want to live in a beach house
Wake and sleep to the waves’ sound
I want to be at the bottom of an ocean
To be alone and witness the great illusions
I want to live in a forest with tall trees
Lay on branches and witness the sun’s beams through the leaves
I want to live in a peaceful valley
To feel her warmth all the time all around me
I want to live in a secluded cove
Where the sea comes up when it gets dark and cold
I want to stand on top of a hill
And feel the breeze as if it would blow me away
I want to do so many things
That I can’t even think of, let alone pen down
But what I do know is this
In this life or the next, I will get my desire and my wish.

I miss you…

You went away and
Took all the magic with you
I thought I was going crazy
But they said I just missed you

I didn’t listen to what they said
To all the voices in my head
I reserved to meeting only a few
Even they said that I missed you

I didn’t know what to do
All of a sudden I was without a clue
There was a resemblance as away the birds flew
But they kept saying I just missed you

I feel that I am indeed going crazy
But then I wonder, am I really
I think what they say is true about you
I do, very simply and truly miss you

You and me…

You say you want to stay away from me
You don’t want to talk to me
Don’t want to look at me
You don’t want to hear a word from me
You say you don’t even want to think about me
Well that’s all fine with me
There’s just one thing I want to say to thee
If this is another one of your ways to test me
Well then, know this that you have failed miserably
If you thought all this could make you matter less to me
Well then, you were wrong quite simply
And now I shall return to me being busy
Busy waiting for you to finally return to me.

Forever be with me

I remember the day you first came in my life
There you were, i just could not believe my eyes

I was just so stupid and blind
I could not see what was in front of me the whole time

Years passed and the time came
Without goodbyes we went our separate ways

Time passed and I convinced myself I was fine
Always knowing there was something missing inside

Little did I know there was much more to see
There was a point where our separate ways would meet

You went away only to return to me
I can’t explain these feelings of glee

Should I be worried that once again you will leave me
Or are you here to stay and forever be with me.


You act like you don’t care
Like you don’t even give a damn

You say that you don’t need anyone
Sometimes you don’t even seem human

How can you have no feelings in your heart
Why have you made getting through to you so hard

Why do you treat me like I mean nothing to you
Is this you pretending, or is it really true

If you hold so much hatred, why not just tell me so
I’ll make it easy for you, and from your life will forever go

Forget our memories, for you I exist no more
As in a few moments, i will be dead to the world

You are missed

Tonight when I went outside
I heard a rather familiar voice
I searched for the source as I moved
I heard it again and realized it was the moon
I asked what it wanted to say
I can see the blank look on your face
I asked whatever did it mean
Stop pretending, you can’t fool me
I see you’ve come out alone tonight
You’re not the only one who misses her sight

Hoping… I smile

Whenever she’s quiet
And I don’t know why

I look up at the stars
And ask them to be my spy

The stars come and say
They can’t tell if she’s shy

Or if she’s shut in her room
And if they can hear her cry

All they tell me with a smile
Is to be patient, because one day she will be mine.


Up there in the purple sky
you seem to me a little shy

Your face so beautiful you rarely show
from this far away, it looks whiter than snow

I see you play hide and seek
With the clouds, in the cool breeze

Whereabouts of your star friends I do not know
You continue to shine bright even when you are alone

Come back to me

As I lie in my bed, sick to my core
I look around for someone, whose hand I can hold
I’ve  no choice but to dream, as I am alone
I rest my head against the wall, hoping for you to show
That you would come and and hold me, and make the pain slowly go
I remember the time I had my hair by you, gently stroked
How much I have suffered, do you actually know
My heart now cries only for you, your hands as white as snow
I implore you to come and embrace me, and finally return home.


As I sit here waiting
Towards the wall, I am staring
Up at the stars, I am gazing
In the distance, voices are roaring
A low tune, I am humming
The cold wind is endlessly blowing So many feelings inside me are overflowing
The clouds in the sky seem like their floating
A night owl, I can hear singing
Children in the streets are out playing
Leaves in the wind are loudly rustling
Flowers in the garden are boldly dancing
The moon high up is brightly shining
All the signs around me are together calling
And I am here all alone, earnestly hoping
As I am sitting here, for you, patiently waiting


Everyday I pass through the same place
Each day I witness your beautiful face

You stand there barely even moving
Casting a spell on the people there strolling

The glow in your eyes shows that you’re young at heart
You’re clad in clothes that set you apart

Every morning your smile makes my day
Every night I wait when I would see your smile again

You made my day

A day worth remembering
You made it for me
You are one in a million
Unlike anyone I have ever seen

Your eyes they sparkle
like the stars in the night
Your smile alone is enough
to replace my darkness with light

Every word you speak
Is like a soothing song
Every time you whisper
It makes my heart pound

I want to thank you
For all the effort you have done
Even if I search the whole world
Someone like you, there is none.

No one like you

I don’t remember the first time you held me
Those everlasting arms in which I slept peacefully

Speaking in a language people did not understand
You alone understood all of my demands

Every time I cried, you held me close
Telling me, comforting me you would never let me go

My growing up older does not change a thing
Your love for me, day by day, keeps on increasing

Every step of the way you were there by my side
You alone are the most precious gem of my life

For the one too many times I may have taken you for granted
I certainly was the biggest fool on the surface of this planet

At times when I’m away you pray for my safety
I see the glow in your eyes when I return from my journey

The countless nights that I have spent away
Unable to sleep, you counted minutes pass like days

The hardest thing for me to see in my life
Is to witness tears fill up your beautiful eyes

Everything I am, I am because of you
There are no words to express my love for you

The one person I always want with me is you
Now and forever mom, I love you.

Dedicated to all the mothers out there…

A fool’s cry

It’s amazing how with the passage time
You realize exactly how much you were blind

You dreamed of things that were not there
Fool, you thought someone actually cared

You alone are the one to be blamed, son
You are nothing but a mere distraction

You were stupid when you thought you were irreplaceable
You’re only there till he comes hopping in a saddle

You will be missed

For you to be here no more
Even though I had always known

I guess I waited too long
Somehow I know its my fault

I regret I never got a chance
Nothing between us was said

The two words that u said to me
Will forever remain in my memory

Now you are forever gone
Still, with my life, I must carry on.

Out of the ordinary

There were many when I came there
Many have come since I have been there

Although the rest have come there to stay
You’re only there for just a few days

Still I feel a connection was made
I could tell from your smile you also felt that way

I wish you would stay to give me just enough time
To somehow muster up my courage and finally break the ice.

The Lone tree…

As I sat beneath the lonely tree
The only tree in that grassy field

I found myself thinking so hard
And at times dreaming of a place afar

I found the company of that tree
Enchanting, nothing more I need

For the tree shared my feelings, my thoughts
And told me of the battles it had fought

The tree with me, resonated so much
It’s words felt like great big hugs

The time flew by faster than ever
But the day felt longer than any other

As I sat under that cool shade
Never noticed the night had replaced the day

Still under the shade of the tree
Made me wonder how it could be

The moon now shone with all its glory
It’s only midnight, the lone tree whispered slowly

To write or not to write…

Sometimes I find
it hard to deny
the thoughts that spontaneously
crop up in my mind

I look around me
hoping to find
somewhere to pen the thoughts
at that moment in time

When they ask me
how do you write so
after a pause, I smile
I have yet to know

When I am asked
what motivates you so
after a moment’s thought
the world itself, behold

To write or not to write
that is the question
to express myself and my thoughts
that indeed is my passion

Pie…à la mode

It was in the month of october
that I visited it the first time,
I don’t recall seeing you there
as I clearly remember in my mind

It was the first day of february
when my work brought me back,
I wonder if I recall correctly
you were then clad in black

Within a short time
we became good friends,
Just want to say thanks
for all the time spent

I had a lot of fun
just want you to know,
I already had the pie
but you made it à la mode

The Great Decision

I stand at a crossroad
A decision to be made
Visions of my past
Obscuring, before me what lay

Remove all doubts
Let go of all fears
Take the first step
with my mind austere

I must close my eyes
and my heart must be resolute
the time has come
for me to make my move

It has been decided
and I walk my chosen path
I shall face all hardships
with no fear in my heart

Ak the Wordsmith is back… with a Bang!!!

This feeling that I feel today
I waited anxiously for quite some days

I used to dream every night
figuring out a way to speed up time

Those days seemed like months to me
It feels good to be relieved of the agony

You’ll be surprised to know it was only a week
and somehow it went by peacefully

Even in that crucial time
My creative thoughts I could not bind

My exams are over as of today
I am like a bird freed from its cage

My trusty pen thrust in my hand
I am Ak the Wordsmith, back with a bang.

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