The bitter truth

As I went to a place where I used to go
The last I was here was a long time ago

My friends all greeted me with a big smile
The oak, the flowers and stars in the sky

They asked me what was wrong in their usual way
I thought I could hide but it was obvious from my face

My eyes were finally opened and it was made clear to me
The one person I thought who could never hurt me

I was assured that I am everything they said and more
Im a person who is not worth doing anything for

The things they said about me were true
I was told that my actions are nothing but rude

I have lived in an illusion which I thought was clear
What I thought was mine was never for real

I am nothing but an embarassment to the people around me
Never thought I would hear those words from the one beside me

So now Im here back where I belong
Where I can hurt no one and no one will know that Im gone


Sitting at home in the comfort of my bed
A storm of thoughts roaring inside my head

Of the many thoughts I have, most of them are known to me
There are things that now, have become second nature to me

You, on one hand, never leave the space you have occupied
Your presence is comforting, to your thoughts I am convincingly tied

Trapped as I am, in the web of my own thoughts
Your voice guides me and keeps me from getting lost

Will you be surprised when I share this with you
Believe it or not, my thoughts have always been about you