Forever be with me…

I remember the day you first came in my life
There you were, i just could not believe my eyes
I was just so stupid and blind
I could not see what was in front of me the whole time
Years passed and the time came
Without goodbyes we went our separate ways
Time passed and I convinced myself I was fine
Always knowing there was something missing inside
Little did I know there was much more to see
There was a point where our separate ways would meet
You went away only to return to me
I can’t explain these feelings of glee
Should I be worried that once again you will leave me
Or are you here to stay and forever be with me.


You act like you don’t care
Like you don’t even give a damn
You say that you don’t need anyone
Sometimes you don’t even seem human
How can you have no feelings in your heart
Why have you made getting through to you so hard
Why do you treat me like I mean nothing to you
Is this you pretending, or is it really true
If you hold so much hatred, why not just tell me so
I’ll make it easy for you, and from your life will forever go
Forget our memories, for you I exist no more
As in a few moments, i will be dead to the world