Come back to me…

As I lie in my bed, sick to my core
I look around for someone, whose hand I can hold
I’ve  no choice but to dream, as I am alone
I rest my head against the wall, hoping for you to show
That you would come and and hold me, and make the pain slowly go
I remember the time I had my hair by you, gently stroked
How much I have suffered, do you actually know
My heart now cries only for you, your hands as white as snow
I implore you to come and embrace me, and finally return home.


As I sit here waiting
Towards the wall, I am staring
Up at the stars, I am gazing
In the distance, voices are roaring
A low tune, I am humming
The cold wind is endlessly blowing So many feelings inside me are overflowing
The clouds in the sky seem like their floating
A night owl, I can hear singing
Children in the streets are out playing
Leaves in the wind are loudly rustling
Flowers in the garden are boldly dancing
The moon high up is brightly shining
All the signs around me are together calling
And I am here all alone, earnestly hoping
As I am sitting here, for you, patiently waiting


Everyday I pass through the same place
Each day I witness your beautiful face

You stand there barely even moving
Casting a spell on the people there strolling

The glow in your eyes shows that you’re young at heart
You’re clad in clothes that set you apart

Every morning your smile makes my day
Every night I wait when I would see your smile again