No one like you…

I don’t remember the first time you held me
Those everlasting arms in which I slept peacefully
Speaking in a language people did not understand
You alone understood all of my demands
Every time I cried, you held me close
Telling me, comforting me you would never let me go
My growing up older does not change a thing
Your love for me, day by day, keeps on increasing
Every step of the way you were there by my side
You alone are the most precious gem of my life
For the one too many times I may have taken you for granted
I certainly was the biggest fool on the surface of this planet
At times when I’m away you pray for my safety
I see the glow in your eyes when I return from my journey
The countless nights that I have spent away
Unable to sleep, you counted minutes pass like days
The hardest thing for me to see in my life
Is to witness tears fill up your beautiful eyes
Everything I am, I am because of you
There are no words to express my love for you
The one person I always want with me is you
Now and forever mom, I love you.

-Ak the Wordsmith

Dedicated to all the mothers out there…

A fool’s cry…

It’s amazing how with the passage time
You realize exactly how much you were blind
You dreamed of things that were not there
Fool, you thought someone actually cared
You alone are the one to be blamed, son
You are nothing but a mere distraction
You were stupid when you thought you were irreplaceable
You’re only there till he comes hopping in a saddle