It’s rather relaxing…

Such a busy week at the office, this last one. Every night coming home at around ten in the night.

While being tired from all the work, there is just one thing that relaxes me so much that for those few moments, I tend to forget how tired I really am.

Logging into my WordPress account and going through my reader page. There is just nothing like it.

Even though I haven’t been able to make any posts lately, reading all of yours helps me relax to a great extent.

So thank you all, oh wait look! I just made a post after quite some time. : )

A Grand Voyage…

” Writing is a voyage for which you don’t need a big ship. Your paper is your boat, your pen isĀ  your oar, and your mind is your sail. You are prepared to embark on a grand voyage. Set sail and go where your journey may lead you. ”