Recipe for writing…


– A secluded area which will serve as your kitchen. It could be a private study or the actual place about which you wish to write.
– A pen/pencil or any other instrument you wish to use.
– A piece of paper or any other material on which to write on i.e.smartphone, laptop, tablet etc
– The will to write
– A clear mind
– A topic to write on. You may have decided on a topic beforehand, if not, just let the art of spontaneous thought work its wonders.


Well, I wonder if there is a predefined method for writing. Also, every writer’s mind works in its unique way and it would be hard to specify one method. Just need to gather up the right ingredients, hoist up the sails and embark on a journey of a lifetime.

Happy writing everyone…

The Mind Game…

This is the first of those times
It seems difficult, so I find
To determine what’s on your mind
Even though it is an art of mine

The feeling that I get
When you look at me
How I wish to know
What you think of me

The look that you have
When you see me there
You leave me wondering
In all my despair

That smile on your face
What it actually means
Now and forever
Will remain a mystery to me

I long for the day
That moment in time
When you will smile at me
And I would know what’s on your mind



Those momentary companions…

It is said that the more time you spend with someone, the more you become closer to them, and the more they have an influence on your mind.

But what about the people we meet for a short span of time. Is it not possible for them to leave an everlasting impression on us during the short while for which they enter our lives.

There are times in our life when we, at some point, meet people who either help us in some way or require help from us. It is possible that we meet them without any specific purpose and after some time spent together, we go our own ways.

Such meetings could be at any place one can think of like at the bus stop or during the bus ride, at the park etc.

I had such an experience of my own when I was providing services in the capacity of a risk advisor to a bank. While overlooking the human resources department, I met a person whom I became well acquainted with. My work allowed me only a few days before I had to part as the assignment had come to an end.

Our companionship lasted for two months and as of right now, it seems to have ended. But in this short span of time, she was able to help me find a company which was hiring freelance writers, an opportunity I had been searching for for quite some time.

So I can very easily say, from my own experience, that these momentary companions also have the ability to influence our lives in great ways. They deserve every bit of respect and the thought that they will always be appreciated.

To write or not to write…

The Writer's Page

Sometimes I find
it hard to deny
the thoughts that spontaneously
crop up in my mind

I look around me
hoping to find
somewhere to pen the thoughts
at that moment in time

When they ask me
how do you write so
after a pause, I smile
I have yet to know

When I am asked
what motivates you so
after a moment’s thought
the world itself, behold

To write or not to write
that is the question
to express myself and my thoughts
that indeed is my passion


A perception…

” I prefer to keep a low profile, keeping my immediate social circle to a limited number and trying as much as possible not to engage in unnecessary conversations. I do this not because I am shy or self-centered, but because I fear if we get to know each other too well, there is a chance that I might end up hurting you in some way. ”



A thought…

B & W hearts texture

” I have come to understand that relationships are a lot like electrical circuits. Until and unless the circuit is complete, there will be no flow of electricity. ”                                                                                                          [Ak]