Food for thought…

It’s just another one of those days when I find myself sitting in the comfort of my chair staring at the laptop screen and thinking of what to do for the remainder of the day.

While checking my mail I realize that I have not been making frequent posts on my blog and that, to some extent, makes me wonder what has been keeping me from doing so.

I must admit the fact that I have been busy lately with life as it is and that I have also finally started working on my book. It makes me wonder still whether I need to take out time specifically to write on my blog or is this a part of my daily routine, in case the latter one is considered then I have been neglecting an important part of what completes my day or what actually makes me who I am.

So the question then arises as to what may be the reason that I have not been writing as frequently as before. One thing is for sure, writing is my passion and one never puts his passion as second to anything else.

So then why such a change in habits, well, I’m still trying to figure that out and I’m all ears for your comments and suggestions, maybe some of you have had similar past experiences.

This feeling… it’s simply Awesome !!!

I have been writing on my blog for quite some time now and like most bloggers, I tend to write about what inspires me from the inside.

The idea of writing on your blog about something for which you would have to research about doesn’t fascinate me to much extent. I tend to consider my blog as a place where I can share my thoughts without having any restrictions.

So this feeling I mentioned earlier, im not talking about the feeling that I get when I write on my blog. It was different yet so similar to it.

A few days back I got a call from a marketing company where I had dropped my C.V saying they wanted to meet me. Of course that was the idea so I happily obliged. After a little discussion they told me that they were looking for writers pertaining to the marketing field and since I have had no previous experience regarding the same, they were unsure of whether I was up for the job. They gave me a topic to write an article on, which I was supposed to mail them by the end of the next day.

So I went back home, settled down to work, did some research on the topic and by the end of the night, I had completed the article.

As I was writing the article, the feeling i got was so exhilarating that I at once knew that this was the kind of work that I actually enjoyed doing. To be very honest, it didn’t even feel like I was doing work.

So, simply put, the feeling was just Awesome. 🙂

Ak the Wordsmith is back… with a Bang!!!

This feeling that I feel today
I waited anxiously for quite some days

I used to dream every night
figuring out a way to speed up time

Those days seemed like months to me
It feels good to be relieved of the agony

You’ll be surprised to know it was only a week
and somehow it went by peacefully

Even in that crucial time
My creative thoughts I could not bind

My exams are over as of today
I am like a bird freed from its cage

My trusty pen thrust in my hand
I am Ak the Wordsmith, back with a bang.