What makes a writer keep writing…

I have often wondered what are the factors that make a writer who he is.

To start with, he must be highly motivated in order to be able to write, sometimes for many and at other times for no reason at all.

There are writers who get paid for having their work published but there are many who pursue their passion for writing through their blogs. I am also one of them but I am starting to give this publishing thing a thought.

I believe that the majority of us writers write in order to feed our hunger for expressing ourselves.

A writer would keep writing whether he is getting paid for it or not, as this is one way of letting out all the feelings and thoughts inside him.

If I am to consider myself, then I would say that the moment I found out that writing was my passion, I have felt like a free man, as if I have deciphered the true meaning of freedom.

I would certainly feel more comfortable in writing about a topic that just sprang up in my mind all of a sudden than write about a topic someone asked me to as there is the great possibility that I would have to do research on it before writing. In the case of my own random topics, I would need only to brainstorm and require no further assistance from anywhere else.

I do not think that when a writer is writing, he feels as if he is working. When I am writing here on my blog, I feel as if  I am taking a stroll through a beautiful meadow full of flowers and I am expressing my thoughts and feelings to all who are listening.

I hope you all will share your thoughts on this and I am sure we will be able to identify many more reasons that makes a writer keep writing.


A writer’s friends…

” They say a writer’s best friend is the instrument he uses for writing, I consider that the mind and heart also play a vital role, thus making the inner person of a writer another close friend.”


Learn to read signs

” We need to understand and be able to read signs. Everything around us such as the trees, flowers, clouds are all giving out signs to us, they are guiding us and advising us, we need to make ourselves understand what they are saying and we need to listen. “


The Way Back Home…

Today was just another monday when returning from the office I decided to stop at my tailor’s and after finishing my business there, I had the choice whether to take a cab or walk home.

Although I was tired out from the day’s happenings, I still decided on walking back home. I knew that by taking a cab I could save twenty minutes but something inside of me insisted that I should walk back home.

So I set off for my approximately twenty minutes walk, all the time talking to myself. It turned out that I had a lot of things on my mind that needed sorting out, and what better time and setting for such a task than a solitary peaceful walk under the beautiful night sky full of glittering stars.

It really felt great as I was able to connect to my inner self. The feeling of just being able to spend a few minutes from the whole day, by myself and listening to the person within was so great that at one point I wished that the way back home would get a little longer or I should walk slowly so as to be able to extend those few minutes.

Eventually, my journey came to an end and as I got in the house I realized something else.

On my way back, I passed through a market from which I bought a few things for which I would have had to get out of the house again to buy them had I not bought them then. I also met someone outside my house whom I had some business with.

I realized that if I had taken the cab, I would have had to get out of the house again to go buy the things, I would not have met the person since I would have reached home twenty minutes earlier, and not to mention the cab fare I would have had to pay : )

So, it turned out to be a great walk back home which I very much enjoyed not only because I benefitted from it in so many ways, but because the connection I was able to make with my inner self made me enjoy my way back home…


The purpose…

“I wonder if a writer’s main purpose for writing is acquiring audience and fame, I believe the pleasure he feels after writing something is more than enough reward.”


Will appreciate your thoughts on this… : )